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EmployThem™ is a Powerful tool that can manage all reference checks conducted by an employer or a third party business.


  • Your own database
  • Your own customized dashboard
  • A powerful search tool
  • Candidate self - registration
  • Manual registration
  • Customized reference check questions
  • File uploads to a secure server
  • Cloud access
  • 24 hour tech support
  • And much more...

EmployThem™ can also be used as a way of life for small business, even if you are a small start-up that conducts reference checks for a living or as a main stream line of business, than look no further as you just found your profit margins. Bottom-line is what you are after when you are a business of any kind.

You will save money by cutting needless operational process. EmployThem™ is paperless process that can not only save you money on printing and it can also save you money on paper and file storage fees.

You and your team can quickly perform a potential candidate’s references, upload files to their profiles and quickly send files to your clients via email in PDF, EXCEL and many other formats. For fast and easy service that would surely impress your clients.

We are proud of our software and achievements with our product. Over the past 7 years our software was used by top named staffing agencies and employers alike. Find out how EmployThem would make you money by saving you money.

EmployThem™ software is a great product to use with InvoiceGenius™ for accurate billing and accounts receivable.

EmployThem™ is a licenced product under TechMonkeys™. As a company TechMonkeys™ employs the OSOS model (On Shore, On Site) Keeping jobs where they need to be and under control for our customers benefits.

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