TechMonkeys™ welcome IT professionals that are enrolled in technical courses that offer internships or partnership programs to advise their respective teachers, trainers, school counselors, or any other authoritarian figure responsible for the institutions internship program to reach out to our team for further information.

Our team of TechMonkeys™ will be glad to accept you as a fellow TechMonkey™. We strive on a goal that is nothing sort of excellent journey during your internship placement with TechMonkeys™.

As an intern you will deep dive in existing and current projects that will prepare you for a challenging career in the technology field.

Our hands-on approach is second to none; we take pride in a streamlined and robust training program that will propel you into the next level of your IT career.

By becoming a TechMonkeys™ team member, you will enjoy the benefit of adding current projects to your resume. In addition to a great learning experience TechMonkeys™ may at its own discretion based on your performance as an intern make you a contractual offer to join its dynamic team.

This would be a great opportunity for anyone serious about their career in the IT field. Please feel free to complete the information requested in ContactUs Page and one of our TechMonkeys™ will contact you to address your goals and future as TechMonkeys™ team member.

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