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Every year millions of invoices are exchanged between buyers and suppliers in the supply chain. However, most of these invoices are either in paper or e-mail format, which creates inefficiencies for the buyer’s Accounts Payable organization, and can thus increase the Daily Sales Outstanding for the supplier. The Daily Sales Outstanding increased results from “mail float”, which is simply the days that invoice takes to transit from the supplier, through the mail or email system, until it received and input by the buyer.

Deliver 100% of your invoices to customers electronically, and easily activate e-invoicing for any customer in just a few clicks using InvoiceGenius™

InvoiceGenius™ is a secure web service where B2B bill recipients can receive and pay invoices from many of their vendors. With InvoiceGenius™, your customers no longer need to visit multiple websites to pay multiple vendor invoices or endure the time-consuming process of writing and mailing paper cheques.

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Key Features

  • Fast Invoice Delivery
  • Efficiency in Payment Receipt
  • Simplified Cash Application
  • E-Billing System Support

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