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Save Time and Money:

TechMonkeys™ created a tool called StaffGenius™. This fantastic, vast and easy to use software will surly impress when used. TechMonkeys™ continues to be your one stop shop. We have worked hard so you don’t have to. By becoming a member/ user of any of our Genius brands, you will cut cost and time of those tedious and time wasting process that you used to do.

All in One Platform:

As a company or a small business you find yourself using multiple software to perform various tasks and you find yourself spending unnecessary money because these software’s are not capable of delivering end to end solution for your business and team, or you are using a very expensive ERP system that is costing your company tens of thousands of dollars needlessly. With StaffGenius™ you will save money by eliminating the use of other software and applications that are depleting your time and money.

StaffGenius™ is a well thought out matrix driven software that enables it’s business users manage, search users and clients with a full up to the second history as well as post jobs and send community broadcasts to a filtered list of qualified candidates.

StaffGenius™ will manage your database of resources by offering them a secure candidate portal that is very robust and dynamic. Your candidates can create a profile and apply to your job board with ease and confidence.

Your recruitment team and professional HR personnel can quickly identify the top candidates in minutes or even seconds by using StaffGenius™ and its long list of tools.

Managing your clients is easy and simple. Your account managers or hiring managers can easily communicate with all HR and recruiters engaged for their mandates.

Your operation will run smooth and optimal with a very detailed Operation Manager Portal that will provide you both sales and recruiting statistics and more.

Our StaffGenius™ uses a matrix dashboard for all of its portals:

  • Candidate Portal
  • Operation Manager
  • Manager
  • Recruiter
  • Human Resources
  • Administrator

Find out how this amazing software can work for you and your team so that you can focus on what matters the most… Your time and money for a stronger business and an efficient team.

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