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TimeGenius™ is a seamless process that is designed to save your time and money. You and your business will benefit from the detailed time keeping and less administrative process. You can even create projects that will be easy to track and stay on budget.

TimeGenius™ allows your employees and contractors to make time entry on multi projects, in fact an unlimited pre-defined projects that your backend office creates for your team or company.

TimeGenius™ is designed to allow managers/ team leads or anyone responsible for tracking time or budgeting to review approve or reject employee submitted time as well as pre-set employee or contractor upcoming work schedule.

TimeGenius™ has a second to none backend office that will allow you to self-manage your account effectively and easily without the hassle of third party support. You are able to review current employee or contractors as well as previous employees or contractors submitted, approved or rejected time for accounting purposes as well as generating invoices to your clients for payments.

TimeGenius™ has your invoice in mind by allowing you to customize your logo and footer for a professional invoice each and every time to send your clients.

TimeGenius™ can easily be integrated with most of the payroll software to allow the exporting of approved timesheets to be processed for payment.

TimeGenius™ is a fantastic product and process if you are a:

  • Direct employer.
  • Staffing Agency with internal employees and contractors.
  • Consulting firm with resources working with your clients.
  • Project based company.
  • Accountants and account payable/ payroll service.
  • And much more.

Automate Time Tracking

TimeGenius™will eliminate as many manual processes as possible from the employer's backend office. Our software and process is designed to save countless hours of timesheet-related administrative work for each one of your employees. By using TimeGenius™ you will reduce potential for human error in each manual submission - saving the approver's time, as well.

Automated Reminders

TimeGenius™ is a system that can provide added value by saving you time and money. The TimeGenius™ system will automatically remind the employee and their direct report when the timesheet has been submitted for review and approval also if it is or is not approved for process, this will help you collect those timesheets on time, and reduce the number of tardy timesheet submissions.

One Stop Shop

TimeGenius™ is a well-rounded integrated system that will allow the employer to track employee submitted time as well as previously approved employee submitted time by managing the employees and direct report managers from one easy to use portal. TimeGenius™ is an invoice ready application for approved time on contractor, temporary pay as well as term/fulltime employee payroll deductions including expense payout.

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