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TimeTracking™ is a well diverse software that has a multitude of use. As a software it will eliminate as many manual processes as possible from the employer’s backend office including managers. Our software and process is designed to save countless hours of timesheet-related administrative work for each one of your employees. By using TimeTracking™ you will reduce potential for human error in each manual submission – saving the approver’s time, as well.

Project based was fully kept in mind for this incredible program. If you are a project based company, consulting firm, bank, financial institution, law firm, employment agency, Government agency, construction company, accounting/ auditing firm, charity etc. then look no further than TechMonkeys™ to deliver you this state of the art program to manage your business and projects from end to end our software will deliver optimal accurate data that is sure to impress its users.

timetracking graph

TimeTracking represents the time spend by employee on a particular Task/Project/Client graphically, that helps Managers and Employees to better understand Time Management.

One Stop Shop

TimeTracking™ is a well-rounded integrated system that will allow the employer to track employee submitted time as well as previously approved employee submitted time by managing the employees and direct report managers from one easy to use portal. TimeTracking™ is an invoice ready application for approved time on contractor, temporary pay as well as term/fulltime employee payroll deductions including expense payout.

Automated Reminders

TimeTracking™ is a system that can provide added value by saving you time and money and maintain a professional image. The Timetracking™ system will automatically remind the employee, contractors, volunteers and their direct report when the timesheet has been submitted for review and approval also if it is or is not approved for process, this will help you collect those project base timesheets on time, and reduce the number of tardy timesheet submissions, this will positively impact the bottom line and profit.

Global Performance

TimeTracking™ is formatted to operate and be used in many countries worldwide. Our software can be easily modified and tailored to suit your business needs and requirements very quickly. Ask us how and we will be happy to discuss your project, budget and timeline. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with TimeTracking™ and TechMonkeys™.

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